Outlaws News

Outlaws News

Crazy Ace: Has requested to be removed from  D.A.D.'S Wanted List 6/25/2001. If you are not a personal friend of Ace, Please remove him from your Outlaws pager.

Doc Holiday Kix: Has requested to be removed from  D.A.D.'S Wanted List 6/25/2001. If you are not a personal friend of Doc, Please remove him from your Outlaws pager.

Its_Shawn: Has requested to be removed from D.A.D'S Wanted list 6/26/2001. If you are not a personal friend of Its_Shawn, Please remove him from your Outlaws Pager.

Creeper: Info from the KOD site says he is retired. He was always a great player.

Prowler: Has retired from Outlaws and I have not seen him on the pager for 2 weeks.  His site at KOD has not been updated since 6/9/2001. Any info on Prowler, please leave it on the Message Board

Captain Underpants: Oh he is doing real good getting lots of kills and last week he one his first game. Very cool way to go Mike.

Terminator: Playing in the zone as Starmaster, This guy can kill, so if you see him RUN. 

Sweet_850: New to the pager and deadly, This girl will kill you. I have all ready seen her win games. She is out for blood.

Durango: New guy to the pager, ready to shoot, loves the game and can really put lots of bullets in your ass. This guy will be doing lots of killing.

Killer Yah: After sending out the updated pager list, Yah has paged me and said "I will Always Be A Outlaw." He doesn't get to play much anymore, but I guess this means if he sees a game he will be ready to kill.( Yah was one of the best players we had so if you see him watch your back).

Randy: Just hanging at home waiting for a game. Always ready to kill.

Kid Macoo: Has stopped drinking, smoking, and having sex, LOL, That will be the day. The Kid has been on late night and shooting in Outlaws or in the new Wanted Mod. Get his last Outlaws map here 1876 Also I here he is doing new maps for Wanted. I can't wait to post them.

Dr.Gonzo: Always on late night ready to kill. The good Dr. still has his night job at Chubb's Pub every Friday, But killing will always come first.

Unforgivin: Haven't seen him on in awhile but I know this guy loves to kill he's good so watch out.

Abe: Is still sitting at home crying because the oldlady took the computer. No games for him.

Festus: Has started playing outlaws again so watch your back.He has shot me in the ass a lot this week.

Amis, Rucus and Dusty Dave: Are playing Wanted or Half Life now. You can find there site at Outlaws Haters

Justy James: Last I heard his computer was broken down. He was always a great shooter he should get it fixed and get back in the games. Also I here he is playing Saga Monapoly.

Big Bad Chris: Loves the game just doesn't have a lot of time to play right now because of work. Get them stores running Chris I need a kill.

I have no info on the following Outlaws!! Anyone having info on them or if you are still alive, please leave a note on the Message Board. Big Bad Bob, Billy the Kid, Buckhead, Cotton, Watt, Deadeye 357, DonkeyDickQuick, Easy Target, Gman, Graham, Irish, JawsMullder, Jimbo James, Mikebegly, Mudansha, Rowdy Ratt, EL Torro, Sandman, Shawnncriss, Tko71, Tootall, Quart Low, Woody. It will be a real shame if we have lost all these players or if they have quit because of cheating. Hopefully we will see them again soon. 

Follansbee Community Days

Friday July 6th 2001
5:00 - 6:30 P.M. Unwound
7:00 - 8:30 P.M. Chandler
9:00 - 11:00 P.M. Starburst
Saturday July 7th 2001
1:00 - ?? Parade
4:00 - 6:00 P.M. Refugee
7:00 - 11.00 P.M. Aftermath
Sunday July 8th 2001
4:00 - 6:00 P.M. Original Fantasy's
7:00 - 9:00 P.M. Legend
9:30 -11:00 P.M. 11-70 Band
Fireworks at Dusk

Band News

 State of Mind: Friday 6/29/2001 Eagles in  Bridgeport OH. Saturday 6/30/2001 outside concert with Road Work Band in Dillionvale OH. ( No Web Site).

Chris Bake Band: Friday 6/29/2001 Chubb's Pub in Follansbee W V. This week the band is recording live for there new CD. The legendary drummer The Moon Man will be on drums, world famous Paul Shaffer on bass, and world renowned audio engineer Joe Olenick at the controls. Come early to get a seat, and get your screams on the new CD. Web site at Rock Star Chris Bake

Starburst Band: New guitarist found. Dave Hellba will be the new guitarist for the band. Filling Tim's shoes will not be easy but Dave will do a great job. Web site at Starburstband

Legend: Next show 7/14/2001 K of C Mingo OH. Get your copy of there new CD A Band of Gold. from the band or participating stores. ( No Web Site)

Silver Sky: No info and web site seems to be down. 

If you would like your band info listed on this page. Please email it to TheOutlawDad

World News

HBO: New series 6 Feet Under is a great show. Nothing like a good show about a Funeral Home. Don't miss it Sundays at 9:30 P.M. eastern time

Bush: What can you say we are all still alive and kicking. Don't miss That's My Bush Thursdays at 10:30 P.M. eastern time on Comedy Central

Outlaws Maps News

I will have the complete map site up real soon so make sure you stop back. Here is the link for the complete map site  Complete Outlaws Maps Go there and bookmark it or add it to your favorites. Map makers plaese send your new maps to TheOutlawDad 

Outlaws Tournament News

Garbotalk: Well she is back and running tournaments on Sundays. Games will be run on the Mirc channel. She says everyone is welcome. You are NOT Allowed to run Cheats or Hacks and the games are for fun, there will be no money involved.

Millionaires News

I would like to thank all the people who sent in the $1 this week. I'm not a millionaire yet but the money shore does help to maintain this site. Special Thanks to the Moon for the extra $25.00 this week. It is good to know that there are people like you still in the world.

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire.     Denny Music  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee,  WV 26037



TheOutlawDad: Well it's a sad day in Outlaws, To many guys are quitting. We have lost a lot of really good players and some are just "missing in action". Hopefully the guys that are playing now will stay and when winter comes Outlaws will be jamming again, It has always slowed down in the summer but this is the first time I have seen guys quit playing and give up there guns. Oh well for all those that play I will keep this site up and it will grow bigger and better as time goes on. Please let me know you are out there, Sign the  Guest Book or Message Board . Follansbee Community Days will have some really good entertainment this year.  If you are in the area stop by on  July 6, 7 or 8 and see the great shows. Guys looking for the files for Wanted can find them here at News Page 5 on the bottom of the page. Well that's the News for this update, So stay cool and keep on "Killing".


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