Non Outlaws Files

Music MP3's

Just Want To Be Your Man.  Original song by TheOutlawDad, Preformed live at a local bar.

Zoom Guitar Effects Manuals Manuals for all the Zoom guitar effect unites I have owned.

Files For Half Life

The Half-Life Outlaws Beta1.5 mod TonToes Outlaws Mod

HL_OL patch install Half Life 108 patch update

CS_OL patch Counterstrike 103 patch update

cage_03 - Creates  Textures for Half Life - Shifty's crosshair for Half Life

HLOutlaws Map - The Original Outlaws Map for Halflife

Wanted FDG - Western map for wanted mod on HL


Appz - Skin for the Yahoo Messenger created by TheOutlawDad. - Fix for sircam virus.

FixSircam.txt - Directions.

Free Games

Getosama - Shooter game

Capture The Flag - Flash Game

Westbang -Western Game

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