Outlaws News

Outlaws News

Prowler: Has retired from Outlaws. Says he can't stand all the cheating that is going on in games. All of us from the pager will miss him, but we will not miss that extra bullet he would put in our asses. You can check out his site at KOD

Creeper: Has retired from Outlaws. I have not heard why. Could be he's following the leader of the KOD gang.

Warrior: Has retired from Outlaws, or as he says, semi-retired. May just be moving on to some new games.

Randy: Still in the love mode with PAM. Things be great on the home front, and he is still looking for some kills. Wants  to tell all the shooters to get your ass in the game.

Festus: Has shown up this week in Outlaws. The old fart is out of retirement and ready to kill. Can he be as deadly as he once was? We will see.

Deadeye 357: What has become of this Outlaw? I have not seen him in a long time. Get back in the game, Deadeye.

Kid Macoo: Still stoned, still working on maps, still collecting the rent. What is this shit? Get in the game I need a Kill.

Abe: Old lady moved out & took his computer. No Outlaws for him and less bullets in the ass for me. lol.

Unforgivin: New guy on the pager, shoots real good. Sorry we have not been on as much as usual, but it is summer and things do slow down. You will get plenty of kills soon enough. Hang in there. 

Thecomputerking, Mikie, BoogerPicker. This guy needs to find one name and stay with it before I take him off the pager and boot him from all games. Understand??? Get a name!

El Torro: I have not seen him. Did he retire with the rest of the KOD guys? Please let us all know.

Band News

State of Mind will be at Graceland in Warwood, WV on 6/16/2001. Don't miss the show and get your copy of the live CD. (No WEB SITE)

Road Work Band will be at the Firemen's Fair in Bellaire, OH on 6/23/2001, & also at picnic grounds in Dillonvale, OH 6/30/2001. Don't miss these 2 great shows. (NO WEB SITE)

Legend - Next show at K of C Hall Mingo, OH 7/14/2001. Great oldies band.  Don't miss it. Get your copy of their CD Band of Gold  now. (NO WEB SITE)

Starburst Band will be at Oglebay Amphitheater in Wheeling, WV on 6/17/2001. Get your CD and check the band out at Starburstband.

Chris Bake and The Boys Down the Street will be at Chubb's Pub in Follansbee, WV 6/15/2001 and every Friday night in June. This week special guest will be THE MOON MAN (Jerry Dezon) and rock star bassist, Paul Shaffer. You can check out the band at Chris's Site.

Silver Sky will be at the Palace Inn in Monroeville, PA on 6/16/2001. You can check out the band at Silver Sky.

 If you would like your band info listed on this page , please email it to TheOutlawDad.

World News

Bush: Still president, Comedy Central ratings still up from the new show, That's My Bush. Check it out on Thursday nights.

Millionaires News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire.  DennyMusic  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee,  WV 26037


TheOutlawDad: Haven't been on as much as I would like to be, but it's summer and I've also been sick all this week. Still working on getting all the Outlaws Maps up to this site. Hopefully I will get that done soon. Check out the new Links page I put up at Links.  You may find something you can use there. I'm working on a new map called Hackz and hope to release it soon. I feel really bad about all the players that have left the game.  I will miss them all.  Remember, you are always welcome to shoot with us on the pager. I see that all the message boards are not getting as many posts as they normally do,but I think that just comes with summer. Don't worry, boys, everyone will be on as soon as the weather cools down. The new Mod for Half Life Wanted is out; size is 110 megs, and it seems you must have the Half Life full version game disk to run it. This kind of SUX for all the guys that are playing Wanted from the counterstrike disk. It also has a 3D FX Glitch in it. Oh well, we're just Outlaws Players, no reason to care about 3D FX. LOL.  You can download the Wanted 110 meg update at Wanted 1.5.  If you get a white page that says can't find the server, just hit the go button on your browser, and the download will start. Also you can download the Wanted 3D FX Voodoo Fix that unzips to the halflife\wantedhl\gfx\vgui folder at Wanted Fix and you can get the map editor from Worldcraft 3.3 and the add on Wanted Files Wanted FGD and last but not least the tutorial at Tutor.  Well, that's the news for this time.  Stay cool and keep on killing. Special thanks to Chris Bake for helping me get my shit together with  Front Page. No more code writing for me!!


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