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Outlaws News
First of all I have moved to a new server. This server seems to be a lot faster and Hopefully everyone can download the maps from here.I have 200 megs of space now and I bought the dot com, so tell a friend and stop back any time. Now on with the news.

Well, I know you guys all hate it but Prowler is still the gut to beat in Outlaws.You can say what you want, wine and complain, but just face it he's better then you! So until I see him get beat more then one or two times out of 10 games he will be KING.

Abe has got a new computer, he's dying to play. So if you see him on post a game and but extra bullets in his ass for me. Remember Prowler, Abe was King once and he is wanting the title back.So watch your back.

Randy has been messing with his computer,Yes after I set it all up and it was running fine. He is telling me now that he can't kill anyone and that he is a ghost in the game. Should have left it alone. I killed just fine on it. I think maybe a new connection would help you. Get off

Band News
Chris Bake and The Boys Down The Street : Have been rockin. You can find the legendary guitarist every friday at Chubbs Pub in Follansbee,WV. This friday 5/4/2001 special guest apperence will be rock super star Jeff Bake & world renowned Jerry Dezon. Don't miss this great show.

State of Mind : Has a new CD. It was recoded (Live).You can find it in stores,get it from the band, or download it from Napster. The bands bass played says if people want to take the time to download it fell free. Songs on the CD sound real good. It has the smooth vocals of JR and Eric and the screaming wild man vocals of Albert. Nice keyboard parts and Loud crunching rock guitar. The bass tracks and drums are very solid as they always are. Bet this CD makes Linda Gooo. lol

Roadwork Band : Come out and listen to the screaming high vocals of the great one Mark Fristick May 11 2001 at The Ville in Steubenville OH and at East Liverpool Motor Lodge May 12 2001. Band has learned a lot of new songs and is working on a new CD.

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Old News
Maps News
NakedCty from Kid Macoo and TheOutlawDad: Map seems to be getting played a lot. Map has 6 new characters.Each has 1 new weapon and 2 they can pick up,and 10 new taunts. Map was intended to be funny.All characters are in the raw.

Lonesome from Prowler: Map is very nice, lots of stuff to kill with in all the rooms. You wont be hideing in this map. Should be fast action.

Recried from Prowler: Nice remake of the old map Cry.Map has a small yard and a big building to run around in. Very cool.

Stairway from Prowler:Just how high can you climb? Hey I like maps that are different,check this one out.

Rutil: yes our man EL_TORRO has started makeing maps I can't wait to see the first one. I will be posting it soon.

World News
Bush is still President : This has made Comedy Central's ratings go sky high. Don't miss the show, Thats My Bush.

Hardee's : Oh yes they have the new sandwich that we all can enjoy. Get yourself a Big Shef soon.

Allan Skinner, who works at the Hardee's in Steubenville, won the Biscuit Bake-Off last week which was held in Maineville, Ohio. Allan was the local winner in the district competition against 5 other biscuit makers. He then went to Akron where he challenged 4 other district winners from other parts of Ohio. When he won that competition, he moved on to face the winner in the Kentucky market. Congratulations to Allan for a job well done! The Great Allan Skinner

Don't forget to send that 1 Dollar to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund at Dennymusic PO BOX 274 Follansbee W V 26037. Read about it on the News Page
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