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aCTFast.zip By Dog_Holliday
Superbowl.zip By ShiftyTuco
Thump.zip By WAW_Molycoat

Outlaws Crosshairs
crowcrosshair.zip By Crow. This is a pretty nice crosshair and is probably what Crow is using to put all those holes in you.

Outlaws News

Crow: Shoots late night with the boys on the pager and kills them dead. lol, Says he's gunning for Prowler. Web site at SBD

Dr. Gonzo: On late night rolling a fat one and shooting anything in site. lol
Web site at Dr. Gonzo's Outlaws

Kid Macoo: Macoo has got up off his lazy A** and updated his site. Tells me he will review some maps this week, so I'm sending him 3 maps to get him started. lol. Web site at Kid Macoo

Prowler: He's always on the messenger. This guy never sleeps. He's had some router problems and missed a few games, but will be back to kill soon. Said he bought some new bullets with small birds on them. lol. Web site at KOD 

ShiftyTuco: Watching football and making maps. Get Shifty's new Superbowl map and do some killing. Web site here

TheOutlawDad: Tuesday night games haven't been running. Macoo had trouble with his server so we have been waiting on that plus no one has been showing up at 8:00 on Tuesday nights. We have been playing late night 12am till 5am. Abe, Eye, Gonzo, Justy, Macoo, Prowler, Yah,  all seem to be on at that time. If you see the # posted on the messenger just join in. It's always great to have some new blood in the game. 

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Alter Ego:

1/31/03 - Rooney's - Steubenville,OH.
Website here.

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