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Updated 5/04/2003

Outlaws News

High Noon Zone: Well the Zone finally dropped Outlaws from their menu of games. On 4/29/2003 the last gun battles were fought in the old Zone room. Hooter being the great Outlaws player that he is hosted some big ip games that night. Click here to see a screen shot or go to the message board to see all of them.. It was a very sad day for the Outlaws community. Players are saying they will move to Mirc, GameSpy or Kali. Some have came over to the Messenger to play with us. I think to keep all the players together, they should be able to click direct play games at the Zone and run games from Zone Lan Direct Play. Just put a room up under action games. They could always get on the messenger and even set up their own thing with a conference room. We have been doing it for years it's simple and seems to work. It would be nice if they could keep everyone together. I will post links to where they are playing as I get them.

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New Outlaws Maps
juarez.zip By Dog_Holliday
lasershot_TDT.zip By TDT_Outlord
mexvilla2.zip By Sticky
By Kat Eyes & Dusty Old Cop
stickytown.zip By Sticky
tdt_house.zip By TDT_Outlord
 A few maps mite have missed the news page, do to the crash I had. If you know of any please send the maps.

Single Player Outlaws Maps

darktwin.zip By ElBrando

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Band News

Alter Ego:

5/03/2003 - Coliseum, Chester WV.
5/16/2003 - Jin's Cafe, Follansbee WV
5/17/2003 - Virginia Lounge, Carrollton OH
5/30/2003 - Irish Pub, Weirton WV..

Ashes To Ashes:

5/16/2003 - Fireside Lounge, Monongahela PA.
5/29/2003 - Peter B's Sarver PA.
5/31/2003 - Stardust Lounge, Moon Twp PA.

Jumbo Frank Band:

5/2,9,16,23,30/2003 - Chubb's Pub Follansbee, WV.


5/16-17/2003 - Mountaineer Resort, Chester WV.


5/03/2003 - Newark OH.
5/8,9,10/2003 - Benton Harbor MI.
5/17/2003 - Dennison OH.
5/24/2003 - Lima OH.
5/31/2003 - S. Plainfield NJ.

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