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Updated 3/27/03

2172.zip By Molycoat Single Player Level
CliffTop.zip By No Author
colorad2.zip By Sneeman
diehard10.zip By No Author
Hide.zip By No Author
lakes.zip By No Author
mobster_island_full_version.zip By No Author
platforms.zip By Master_X11
SeasonS.zip By No Author

Outlaws News

TheOutlawDad: Lets just get right down to it! ANV_Lee has been doing some gardening in his back yard. I knew he had ulterior motives for buying a house in the country. lol. Click here to see the full picture.  Kid-Macoo hosted a few games this week. I found myself putting bullets into Prowler, Eye and Macoo. Games started after midnight and ran to about 3.30 am. The number was posted but no other Outlaws showed up. The maps above  with No Authors came in emails and some I found on the net in my many travels to old Outlaws sites. The maps were never posted in the map site and I could not find them at Pales site. Molycoat sent in a real nice single player level everyone should try it. I moved a lot of files around on the site, if you find a link that doesn't work please let me know.

Band News

Alter Ego:

No dates sent in at this time.

Ashes To Ashes:

4/19/03 Rumshakers, Southside Pittsburgh, PA.
4/25/03 The Oasis, Oil City PA.

Jumbo Frank Band:

4/4-11-18-25/03 Chubb's Pub, Follansbee,WV.


4/11-12/03 Mountaineer Resort, Chester WV.


4/10/03 PT. Pleasant WV.
4/11/03 Touch of Texas, Johnson City NY.
4/26/03 Clarksburg WV.
4/27/03 Motor City Casino, Detroit, MI.

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