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CnynRnnr.zip By Blinker,
Epitaph.zip By Dog_Holliday, New and improved.
killhous.zip By Gas
rkguardn.zip By Dog_Holliday
snwrsort.zip By T4H_WaRRioR
trenches.zip By Master_X11
Die_hard.zip By Redeyed Pete
Diehard2.zip By Redeyed Pete
Highground.zip By Redeyed Pete
kofh.zip By Redeyed Pete
Reunion.zip By Redeyed Pete
snipers_.zip By Redeyed Pete
turkeyshoot.zip By Redeyed Pete
west.zip By Redeyed Pete
westmod.zip By Redeyed Pete
The above Redeyed Pete maps may be older, but for some reason they where never added to the map site. Now they are. Everyone should check out Redeyed Pete's Site.

Outlaws News

TheOutlawDad: Things have slowed down to a crawl. I have not seen a game in weeks and only a few players have been on the messenger. I can't remember the last game I was in. Old Kid-Macoo has gone into hiding. The message board needs a few new post. Randy has no time for Outlaws. Justy, Abe ,and Yah are running private games. Prowler always on the messenger but his Outlaws KOD site is gone from the net. I checked a lot of Outlaws sites this week and only Pale's and TheOutlawDad  are up to date. GoJo's  was updated 2/19/03  Dr Gonzo's was updated 2/27/03. Most of the sites were last updated in 2001 a few have 2002 updates. SBD has announced they are leaving their site in the freeze frame mode, Who says the site will be left as it is. A lot of Outlaws sites have been  closed down. You can check the Links page and maybe someone can send me a list of open sites and closed down sites.  It just seems to be real slow, maybe after the weather breaks things will get back on track. I myself will keep this site alive and up to date and hope that the cowboys will come back.


Band News

Alter Ego:

3/14/03 - Irish Pub - Weirton WV.
3/21/03 - Rooney's - Steubenville OH.
3/22/03 - Mustang Sally's - Weirton WV.

Ashes to Ashes:

3/7/03 - Friendship Lounge - Richeyville PA.

Jumbo Frank Band:

3/7,14,21,28/03 - Chubb's Pub - Follansbee, WV.


3/14,15/03 - Mountaineer Gaming Resort - Chester WV.


3/15/03 - Show - Wind Gap PA.
3/17/03 - Show - Cumberland MD.

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