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dizzee.zip By WAW_Molycoat
Epitaph.zip By Dog_Holliday
jammed BY WAW_Molycoat
reparain.zip By Who
tombstone.zip -Hist. Missions-By Red_October
tntfacts.zip By Captain Picky
tube.zip By Peter M
westend.zip - Single Player - By Dog_Holliday

Outlaws News

Justy James: Well he's up and running on the new computer from Macoo. I here from Abe that there's no killing Justy and that he's ready to take on Prowler. Old Justy says he will be King of Outlaws soon. 

Kid Macoo: Now this boy has really cleaned up his act. Check out the new Macoo He's bought a new computer and has been bragging about how he's going to kick some Outlaw butt. check out his site at Macoo

Prowler:  Watching to many movies, maybe loosing that trigger finger, We can only hope. lol check out his site at KOD 

Dr. Gonzo: Working on his website, and making great graphics, Looking for a kill. Check out Bob on the intro to his site at Dr. Gonzo's Outlaws

The Eye: Haven't heard or seen the boy this year. Get your butt in a game .

Hooter: Says he will be shooting with us on Tuesdays, Oh I can't wait, I even got some new bullets and had his name engraved in them. lol

Molycoat: Well I'm waiting for a new gif. for the page, lol. Hope to get one soon. lol

Crow: Still keeping the board alive, and I think he's been testing GoJo's maps. Check out Crows site SBD

Who: I haven't heard anything from him, but he did send a new map in. Get it above and check out his site at SBD

Abe: Back from the road trip with his band The Vogues, he's ready to kill. Says he will be in games on Tuesdays. check out there site at Vogues

Randy: Oh he's been doing to much of the nasty and hasn't had any time for Outlaws. All I can say is it must be love. lol

ShiftyTuco: Always says high when he's on, but I do need him to get in a game some I can get rid of these new shifty bullets. lol check out Shifty's site here.

Killer Yah: Working to much to play the game. Take a break Yah, get out of those private games and into the madness. 

 Outlaw Mike: Going to school, playing on the weekends, Still driving TheOutlawDad nuts.

Amis: I think he has left Outlaws, I haven't heard from him and no one has seen him.

Crazy Ace: No Info, but if he sees a game he will join and shoot you right in the ass.

Qrt Low: Helped me fix all my network stuff, but I haven't seen him in a game.

GoJo: Working on HR maps, he needs help testing them you can get more info from his site here or from the message board

TheOutlawDad: Well I been sick, had the flu but I'm ready to kill again. I got my site fixed on my gun and new crosshairs. There's going to be a lot of coffee drinking and back shooting so look out.

Band News

Alter Ego:

1/24/03 - The Hilltop - Follansbee,WV.
1/25/03 - Frank's - Bloomingdale,OH.
1/31/03 - Rooney's - Steubenville,OH
Website here.

Mansfield 5:

1/18/03 – Private Party
1/19/03 - Speakeasy @
Mountaineer Gaming Resort-Chester, WV
1/24/03 – Kuzman’s Lounge – Girard,Oh 8:30 pm
1/25/03 Remington’s Lounge @ Crowne Plaza Hotel – Moon Twp.,
Website here.


No dates sent in. Website here

Silver Sky:

No dates sent in Website here.


1/17/03 Embassy Banquet Facility Youngstown OH 7:30 PM
1/24/03 Steubenville OH, 8:00 & 10:00 PM
1/25/03 Steubenville OH, 8:00 & 10:00 PM

Restaurant Review:

The Ville Steubenville OH - Food was excellent, The place is clean, Rest rooms are clean, Price is real good for the area and you get a lot for your money. Service is fast and your coffee cup is always full. Rating 10.0
Website at The Ville

Millionaire News

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Or send a donation to:
 "Aspiring Millionaires Fund" 
Denny Music
P. O.  Box 274
Follansbee, WV 26037.
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