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Outlaws HR Maps By GoJo Please read the text file.

Outlaws Animation

Jack vs Doc.gif By Molycoat, pretty cool.

Outlaws Nwx

Outlaws Nwx By GoJo, Excellent page. I posted it here because it has the best techniques I have found for using the Nwx editor and if something ever happens to GoJo's site I did not want to lose the page. Oh yeah, I did change one link on it. Hope that is ok with everyone.

Outlaws Links

Outlaws Photo Album By Senful, Has photos of Outlaws Shooters.  You will even find a picture of StarMaster Dr  (Terminator) for all the guys who knew him from the messenger, or like for me who has been to his house, fixed his first computer, and installed his first voodoo card. lol. Oh yeah, I'm still using the 4 speakers and subs you sold me. They still kick.  Thanx again. It's a nice site- kind of reminds me of the picture pages we had on the old TheOutlawDad site.


It's time for me to rant and rave. lol. It's my site so I can do that. lol. I'm really upset over the K-Mart thing; you can read about that on the right side of the page. The Tuesday night games have not been going too well.  In fact last Tuesday no one showed up. lol. Prowler and I sat there waiting to kill something. lol, guess old Kid Macoo passed out early that night. lol.  We did get a few late night games in from midnight to 4 or 5 in the morning. lol. I have been all over Macoo to start doing map reviews again but he has his head stuck pretty far up the Ol Mod's a** and that doesn't leave a lot of time for Outlaws, the map reviews, and 4 gallons of Boone's Farm a day. lol. Well maybe after Christmas he will start doing it for me. I've received a lot of emails from guys wanting him to do reviews so this is proof I've told him. I'd like to thank all the guys from Germany and Holland and Europe that have emailed saying they like the site and that they read the news page. Special thanks to that guy who sent me the email about it raining in Germany. That was pretty cool. I'm a little upset with the daughter.  She was supposed to send me some pictures of my granddaughter holding the guitar. Well I'm still waiting on that. It's not a good thing to be on Dad's bad side at Christmas time. lol. My buddy Moon has locked himself in a room in front of a giant TV set. He's buying things from TV ads and watching old movies. Refuses to even leave the house to go eat. Christmas is coming and I still don't have the place cleaned up and room for a tree. Guys are wanting me to add them to the Gator Messenger. This is not going to happen. It is on my server and for my own personal use. All you have to do to play with us is add my name TheOutlawDad to the messenger or Kid_ Macoo if we have game posted you will see the # by our name. Just join in or page us if you need help. Remember we don't play a lot anymore and when we do it is usually late at night. We are trying to get the Tuesday night games at 8:00 back up and running, So there is still hope for a good kill. lol.  Don't forget to visit Kid Macoo , Prowler , Dr Gonzo , GoJo , Shifty , Who & Crow , TonToe , Paleface , Redeyed Pete , ANV Dangits , ANV RE LEE , Codealliance , MS-Discoveries,
 MR Baggins , Jalapeno & Coldone , Mista , OGB , Munky Shelter and of course TheOutlawDad . Everyone has worked hard on these sites so you should visit them as much as you can. Sites that didn't get listed I'm sorry, just send me your link. Well, I think I've got it all out of my system, ranting and raving that is, Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.





Band News

Alter Ego:

12/20/2002 -  Rooney's - Steubenville, OH
12/27/2002 - Irish Pub - Weirton WV.
12/28/2002 - Virginia Lounge - Carrollton, OH.
Click here to see the Alter Ego video.
Web Site at Alter Ego

Ashes to Ashes:

12/21/2002 Crazy Horse Saloon- Bentleyville, PA
Web Site at Ashes to Ashes

Jumbo Frank Band:

12/21/2002 Jin's Cafe' Follansbee, WV
 Happy hour starts at 9, band from 10-2. 
For those of you not familiar with Jumbo Frank 
George Alleman Guitar, Josh Allas Guitar & Vocal, Ben Bucci Drums & Vocals, Doug Smith Keyboards & Vocals and Joe Olenick Bass & Vocals.
Stop in and celebrate this Christmas season at Jin's with the band that rocks Chubb's Pub every Friday, and what better way to get drunk, spend your money, and wake up with a headache.  Now
that's what Christmas is all about!!!
Hope to see you there.


12/31/2002 - Mountaineer Resort- Chester, WV
Web Site at Legend

Mansfield 5:

12/21/2002 Private Party
12/31/2002 - Oglebay Resort - Wheeling, WV
Web Site at Mansfield 5

Shopping Madness Review:


This year at K-Mart things have changed. If you did your Christmas shopping at K-Mart this year, you and your friends and family may have a hard time returning items. It seems the store has a new return policy and it's very simple, lol. You must have your store receipt to return any item. Returning a item without a sales receipt for merchandise or for the sale price of the item is no longer allowed. K-Mart has stated that they will not let you return any item without a sales receipt for the following reasons. 1. You may have stolen the item from a different store and are trying to pass it off to them. 2. You may have bought the item at a different store and it is convenient for you to return it to them. 3. K-Mart has had way too many returns. The above is true. On 12/16/2002 I purchased an item at K-Mart paying with a check so I had record of the purchase and on 12/17/2002 I tried to return the item without a sales receipt to the Steubenville, Ohio store. The representative at the customer return was very rude. She would not take the item back.  I could not return it for merchandise, and I could not return it for the sales price of the item. I took the item to K-Mart in Weirton WV. The customer return representative there treated me worse then the representative in Steubenville. She implied that I may have stolen the item. In my opinion this is a very bad way to do business. I will never spend any money in K-Mart again and I can only hope you will do the same.  If you have purchased gifts for people on your Christmas list at K-Mart, you should take them back now while you have the main receipt and ask them to give you individual receipts for each item. Once you have done this, tape the receipt to the gift and make sure you tell the person not to lose it because no matter if the item is damaged, torn, broken, size and color are wrong, or they just don't like the gift, there are no returns at K-Mart without a receipt.
 Next year think smart, shop smart,
 shop Wal-Mart.

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to,
Denny Music
P. O.  Box 274
Follansbee, WV 26037.

Web Site Designs

Yes, for a very small fee you can have a business web site designed for you, a URL address for all business applications, site maintenance, and be listed on the internet world-wide.
OhioValleyBusiness for details.

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