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Outlaws Maps By Yackin By Dog_Holliday By Last1Stndin & Molycoat By Molycoat

Outlaws HR Maps By GoJo

Outlaws Files

Invisible Guns By Molycoat 
Lite Scopes By Molycoat
Master Switch By Molycoat
Outlaws Sounds By Molycoat
Smithy.gif By Molycoat

Outlaws News

Abe: Well old Abe has been on shooting late night. He has Macoo's old 450, a voodoo card, and a new 1st. connection. He's hard to kill and he still loves to shoot guys in the back, so watch out.

Dr Gonzo: He's always on late night looking for a kill. He's been working on a new smiley install for the messenger. We hope to have it soon. Visit his site at Dr. Gonzo

The Eye: He's been in all the late night games, and he's getting harder to hit in every game. Fast and deadly. Likes to shoot in the back. lol

Kid Macoo: Hosting games on Tuesdays and late night. I think he is trying to get back his old title ( Crash Bandit.) Seems the games just keep dumping or freezing just like they did in the old days. That means it won't be long- Macoo will be updating his computer. lol. visit the Kid's Site

Molycoat: Sending in a lot of cool files and maps this week. He also did the cartoon at the top of the page.  I think it's great. Thanks again for all the cool stuff Moly.

ShiftyTuco: Oh Shifty has been doodling and coming up with some interesting pictures. Says if he can find some time he will make us a Santa character. If you haven't tried Shifty's characters get the Snowman now. Don't forget to visit Shifty's Site

Prowler: Guns loaded and aiming straight. He wants that title of king back, and the way it's going, he will have it soon. He is also doing updates to the KOD Site and writing about all his adventures even the sex ones, so go check it out.

Killer Yah: Back in the late night games. Says he is getting an updated computer soon. Watch your backs, boys. He will be deadly.

Justy James: Back in the games- still sniping and picking guys off from a mile away in the map. If you want to find Justy in a map, just look for the highest point in the map. You will find his rifle pointed at you from there.

Randy: He's doing a lot of killing, Prowler will have his hands full trying to beat him. Randy gets lots of kills and he's very fast.

TheOutlawDad: I would first like to thank everyone for sending in the maps and files, that's what keeps the site growing and alive. Well I'm still playing Outlaws, selling Outlaws, tweaking Outlaws, and writing this news page. On the home front it is getting very cold here and the snow is coming. I recently took some new shots of the granddaughter. I know how you guys love to check out the granddaughter or was that grandma you like to check out? Oh well, the camera was set wrong and not one picture came out.  She is 9 months old and already has two guitars. Last week she was here jammin' with TheOutlawDad. It won't be long and she will be a rock star. Well, it will be awhile. lol. Updated maps and files will be done on this page for December. I will add them as they come in so make sure you check the page for updates. If I don't talk to you over the pager, I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep shooting and keep Outlaws alive.

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Band News

Alter Ego: 

12/13/2002 - Nicolazakes - St. Clairsville, OH.
12/14/2002 - Abate Party - Follansbee, WV.
12/20/2002 -  Rooney's - Steubenville, OH
12/27/2002 - Irish Pub - Weirton WV.
12/28/2002 - Virginia Lounge - Carrollton, OH.
Web Site at Alter Ego

Ashes to Ashes:

12/06/2002 - Coliseum - Chester, WV
12/08/02 WBXQ94.7 & WBRX94.3 Altoona PA

12/12/2002 - Station Square - Pittsburgh, PA
12/13/2002 - Mousetrap - Bavington, PA
12/21/2002 Crazy Horse Saloon- Bentleyville, PA
Web Site at Ashes to Ashes


12/6&7/2002- Mountaineer Resort- Chester, WV
12/13&14/2002 - Private Party - Weirton, WV
12/31/2002 - Mountaineer Resort- Chester, WV
Web Site at Legend

Mansfield 5:

12/07/2002 Private Party
12/21/2002 Private Party
12/31/2002 - Oglebay Resort - Wheeling, WV
Web Site at Mansfield 5


12/14/2002 - Fisher Auditorium - Wooster OH
Web Site at Vogues

Community Days

Virginia Avenue gets ready for the madness! Despite the citizens of Virginia Avenue going to two secret meetings with their ward councilman and numerous council meetings, on 11/18/2002 the Follansbee City council voted to have Community Days on Virginia Avenue again next year. The Mayor and the council also decided Community Days could not be moved to the park because it would cause too many people to gather in the park. The grounds of the park would get damaged, and there could be damages to the sidewalks and surrounding areas.  I just don't see how this is fair.  If you can't have that situation at the park, how can you force the people of Virginia Avenue to have it on their street, their sidewalks, and in their yards? The City has also told the residents of Virginia Avenue they are responsible for any damages to their property and for any one getting hurt on their property during Community Days. Maybe the problems here on Virginia Avenue could be solved with a good attorney.  Don't forget to read about last year's problems here.

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to,
Denny Music
P. O.  Box 274
Follansbee, WV 26037.

Web Site Designs

Yes, for a very small fee you can have a business web site designed for you, a URL address for all business applications, site maintenance, and be listed on the internet world-wide.
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