Outlaws News

Outlaws News

Today: I have found a lot of Hacks for the game Outlaws. Yes it is very sad that we can not play this game without cheating. NWX files are being made and added to the Outlaws folder to change the speed of the characters and weapons. Also new ITM files are being added to change the strength, speed, power, etc of weapons and characters in unsecured maps. My opinion is to post these hacks and just call them modified weapons. This would give all players the option to play with the gun of his choice and all the players would be on the same level of playing again. Email me with your thoughts at  TheOutlawDad 

Truffle: Man this guy must really be upset, Today he deleted all the post on his message board at Truffles Message Board and has a post saying forgive me. Well Truffle I understand, Guys you should have a little respect and follow the rules of the board, Also maybe a little less fighting. Not all boards are like the one I had that you could say and post anything you wanted. So show some respect. My old board will be back up soon and you all can Bi..ch there.

Martone: Has put his old Outlaws Board back up at OGB Message Board It was always a great board so check it out.

Garbo: Has ended all the tourneys at mirc do to cheating. She has also sign off as moderator on Truffles board. Truffles Message Board This was a very sad day in Outlaws.

Prowler: Is still recruiting members for KOD, they can be found at Kiss Of Death he is also doing work on the Hacks and ITM files.

Randy: Well I interviewed him today and other then he says he is getting lots of great sex from his new girlfriend (PAM). He had one comment for all the Outlaws Players-- GET YOUR ASS ON THE PAGER AND INTO A GAME YOU {}'s

Kid Macoo: Has been up dating his site at Macoo and working on a new map. He has not been any games lately.

Abe: His old lady left him and took the computer, He will not be playing Outlaws, or doing the butterfly. Poor Abe bet you miss the butterfly more then the game. lol

Amis: Has left Outlaws, Says he hates the game and has put up his own site at Outlaws Haters .

Zone: Guys from the pager are playing a lot at the zone. I have seen the following: Creeper, Prowler, El Torro, Kid Macoo, Terminater, Sandman, and I'm sure there are others, Remember you can always play over the pager and I have been trying to run games starting at 8:00 at night, So check them out.

Outlaws Maps

Kid Macoo: Has started a new map. Didn't give me a title yet but I'm sure we will be posting it soon.

Dr Gonzo: Has started a new map it will be the new outlaws players first map. A few new characters and a few new guns from what he has been telling me. No Title as of yet.

Rutil: Plays as KOD_Torro, Oh this new guy we have to love, Has the best legs out of all the Outlaws Players check them out at KOD_Torro. Also Rutil has put out his second map titled you guest it EL_Torro so download it here EL_Torro


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Band News

Silver Sky: Oh yea Silver Sky is playing again. George & Dave have put the band back together. A new bass player and a new drummer have been added. You can check out what the band is up to at Silver Sky Don't miss there exciting pictures and listen to there fantastic hit Car Wash.

Road Work: May 26 at Graceland Warwood W V. June 8 at The Ville Steubenville OH. Don't miss these two great shows.

Starburst Band: Still looking for a guitarist. Band has lots of dates. If you play guitar and are looking for a high class job with a cool rock n roll band contact them at Starburstband Don't miss this great opportunity.

State of Mind: No News they don't call, and they don't give dates, Maybe on Vacation this week or in the studio working on the new CD. Let us know what's going on boys. 

Legend: These guys are out there still kicking. June 2 Marlin Hgts Pool Weirton W V.June 14 K of C Mingo OH August 12 Serbian Picnic Weirton W V August 25 Franciscan University Steubenville OH. Don't forget to get there CD Band of Gold.

Chris Bake And The Boys Down The Street: Well the rock n roll Outlaw has put a web site up with pictures of the band, his views on life, and sound bites of his music. You can check the site out at Chris I'm A Rock Star Also you can catch the band and all there crazy guest at Chubb's Pub every Friday night starting at 10 o'clock. Don't miss Special Guest in august Sweet Leafs Drummer Jerry Dezon.

World News

Bush: Still president comedy channel is doing great. Don't miss the show That's My Bush.

Wavingleaves: Has put up there new web site for Hardee's at wavingleaves You can check out the stores, Put in a application, or Email a person of management. So check it out and remember its the home of the world famous biscuit maker, The King Allan Skinner

I will be putting up a mp3 page soon with my mp3's and music of local bands. Also a links page will be up soon and a full Outlaws Maps Page with all the Outlaws Maps on it. So contact TheOutlawDad to get your maps, mp3's,and links added.

Games: Are getting crazy, people are hacking, cheating, and lying to win. Remember its just a game get some skill play for fun don't cheat yourself or others.

Millionaires News

The funds keep coming: Well I'm still not a millionaire but I'm trying real hard to be, Make sure you help me out and thanks to all who have sent in that dollar. Special thanks to MOON for sending in 2 dollars on that great designer check, It was really cool.

I' am a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So Please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire.

Don't forget to send that 1 Dollar to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund at Dennymusic PO BOX 274 Follansbee W V 26037.







Don't forget to send that 1 Dollar to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund at Dennymusic PO BOX 274 Follansbee W V 26037. Read about it on the News Page

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