Outlaws News

Since it has been so long between updates we will do new maps first then the news.

Outlaws Maps

ChooChoo.zip by Hooter

big_nut.zip by Ten Tacos

granite.zip by Ten Tacos

thinline.zip by Ten Tacos

huck2.zip by Who

mengela.zip by Who

tow.zip by Who

Single Player Maps

FIRST.zip by WANNABEACOWBOY  I try to stay away from saying much about maps but this is the authors very first map. This is a excellent single player map. I would love to see it as a death match map. Sorry it took so long to make the news page. It has been posted at maps page since the day you sent it. Excellent job.

All maps are reviewed at kid-macoo.com reviews site

Please send your new maps to dad@theoutlawdad.com

Outlaws Gun Mods & Editor

CrowzHackz.zip By TheCrow. This is the full version includes TheCrow mod guns, CrowzHell.zip, Text files, and 2 gun mods from TheOutlawDad

CrowMod.doc By TheCrow Text file for CrowzHackz.zip

CrowZHell.zip. By TheCrow. This is a editor that lets you modify Outlaws. With this you can edit the itm files of the game and hack all characters and weapons. This program gives you the information to play on line in secure maps with hackz. It does what i said I would never post or tell you how to do. (change the itms files to play in secure maps) The key is in the 2 files it generates olobj.lab and olweap.lab . Not a lot of people new how to do this without a program to do it for them. I posted along time ago that I would not post or tell anyone how to edit itms and run them over the net and that I would only post NWX mods, but since this program has come out I feel I should post it for all. If I don't someone else will. and "we just can't have that". Using this in Outlaws is wrong! It is Cheating! If you have to use this in the game you are a real {}. I do think everyone should try this thing with a friend.  You can see what it does and when you are in the game you may be able to tell a little better if someone is cheating. Best advice I can tell you is play with your friends. If you think someone is cheating don't play with them. If a new guy comes to Outlaws and he is killing everyone just think of how bad you where when you started, He should be that bad. Once again if you use this you are Cheating and you are a {}.

CrowZHell.txt By TheCrow text file for CrowZHell.zip

Outlaws News

New Outlaws Story: Has been started over at The Outlaws Message Board - News so get your butt over there and write a line to the story.

TheOutlawDad: Well I got some great maps sent in from Hooter  ( I can always count on Hooter) and Wannabeacowboy. The rest of them I took from paleface. This is the first I've had time to update the site i promise it wont be this long between updates again. I received some new gun mods  from TheCrow and also the editor posted above. I see by my Message Board some nasty stuff has been written about me. Someone thinks I don't do good web sites and that I am a fraud. Well the board is there for opinions and help and they are entitled to there opinion. They can also kiss my A** lol. Also in the Guestbook I see some rude stuff, Lot of no life people out there I guess. Maybe I should delete the garbage, but that would just make things to nice. "we can't have that."  I played a few late night games this week with the guys on the pager, games seem to be running real well on Macoo's server. I updated the Files page. also the Downloads page. and the Maps site. so check them out.

Kid Macoo: Well the Kid has been hung over a lot this week. He played a few games but he bailed out on me too. Now it could be he's spending time with the old lady or should I say young lady.  I think Old Macoo's been playing nasty games at home this week. lol. Get them guns on Macoo I need a kill. Check out his site at kid-macoo.com

Randy: well Randy has the boy playing outlaws now. He's 7 and he's deadly. I seen him kill old aunt Kim 50 to 43. and that's without cheating. This boy is going to be a great shooter. We need to get him a Outlaws name soon.

Prowler: Sad Sad Sad. Still out of the games. DSL still a mess he can't join Outlaws. I wish I could help. We all miss you Prowler. and it's just no fun if Macoo's not bitching about you. lol. Check out his site at KOD Outlaws Site

Truffle: Makes great maps and now  making great games. Yep has a new game out called Capture the flag. Great game  I still didn't get threw it, but the game is real good. There are 4 levels. You move around with the arrows and you shoot with the spacebar. Download it here CTF.exe

TonToe: I think old TonToe forgot about Dad. I see from the other sites he has a new site up and his own server. You can check it out at TonToes Site

Shifty Tuco: Ok Shifty been spending way to much time flirting on the net. Oh yea Shifty is looking for love or lust in all the wrong places. lol, Get your butt in a game soon. lol  You can visit Shifty's site  at Shifty Tuco

Abe: Still lost in love still upset over the butterfly leaving. If she comes back Abe sleep with one eye open, because we all watch her on the web cam when your in bed. lol. You'd be rich if she was charging. lol Get your ass in a game.

The Eye: Oh he's running clean as ever and looking for kills. On late night running invisible looking for game.

Easy Target: Oh yea boys Target paged me says he hasn't played for a year and a half but he remembers all the shooters and he will be killing you all soon. I seen a tear just come from Macoo's face. lol.

Band News

Alter Ego: Band is on vacation lead singers wife is having a baby. They will be back soon Rock N' Rollin the clubs. Dates to be posted soon. ( No Web Site )

State Of Mind: No dates sent in. Band not playing much. This happens when your rich. ( No Web Site )

Silver Sky: Not playing a lot of open to the public places. but you can catch them at The Washington Moose lodge once a month. Dates to be posted soon. Web Site At silverskyband

Legend:  Doing their great 50's & 60's shows at Mountaineer Park Chester, West Virginia 2/22 &23/2002 ( No Web Site )

American Grease: Classic Rock N Roll. Main Street Saloon Akron Ohio 2/23/2002 Web Site At American Grease

Mansfield5: Classics 50's-80's Dates to come for March. Web Site at mansfield5

Great Pretenders: Classics 50's-80's. Dates to come for March ( No Web Site )


Restaurant Reviews

Eat N' Park: Weirton West Virginia, Well the service was real good. The food tasted good, Restrooms dirty as they always are. I ordered strawberry short cake and after eating a few bites I notice a small black dot on the top of the whip cream. I pulled on it and yep it was a nice black hair sticking clear down threw the short cake. Oh is this Nasty. This Restaurant doesn't do anything about it either. The most they do is take it off your bill. well no shit I can't eat it. This place needs a good manager, it is really going down hill. If you eat there ask for a good waitress, check your food, and don't use the restroom. Rating 3.0 Should be less but the lights were on and they were open.

The Ville: Steubenville Ohio. Again the food is excellent, service is excellent, and the place is clean. Restrooms are clean. Prices are normal for area. If you are looking for a great place to eat try it. Web Site at The Ville Restaurant  Rating 10.0

Kings: Wintersville Ohio. Food was good, service is good, restrooms are clean. Lots of friendly people there. Prices are normal for area. They know how to make a great strawberry shortcake. Rating 8.5


Dad's California Raisins

Well TheOutlawDad has a nice collection of California Raisin characters. At this time he is missing the following characters. Click the links to see the characters dad needs. Ace , Mom , Lenny , Carrot If you have any of these characters and would just like to get rid of them or you would just like to help TheOutlawDad complete his collection. You can send them to Denny Music Po Box 274 Follansbee W V 26037


Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to Denny Music  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee, WV 26037. Special Thanks this week to Moon & LeAnne for the guitar. and to Joe O for creative consulting and deciding to be my limo driver. also to Steve M Smith for the 10 bucks. Remember $5.00 will get your name here in the special thanks


Banner Ads

Don't forget to check out the new Banner Ad Page. Something for everyone and I get paid for the clicks. So help TheOutlawDad get closer to being a millionaire




Final Comments

If you find yourself playing Outlaws over the messenger with Kid-Macoo or TheOutlawDad hosting and you are caught cheating you will be booted from the game and removed from the pager. We will not stand for cheating and if it becomes a problem we will password the games and let in only the members we know that will play fair. I have all ready been asked to do this. So if you are going to play with us straighten your act up or you will be gone. I know The Kid will stand behind me on any decisions I make. Play fair or don't play with us at all. You have been warned for the last time. Sorry it has come down to this.

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