Outlaws News

Outlaws News

TonToe: Well TonToe almost has his new Ol Mod for Halflife done. It will be hosted on the Downloads Page soon. TonToe says the mod will be 25 to 30 megs in size. The mod will be listed as TonToes New Ol Mod so it doesn't get confused with the Ol mod that has been on the Downloads page.

Truffle: Seams Truffle has had some trouble with XP, Voodoo, and Outlaws. He has been using the G.O.D. XP drivers from my Outlaws Files and says the characters in games will disappear. I wrote a article on this happening on the old Message Board or on one of the Old News pages. This is caused by the fps in the game running to fast. The glide driver breaks down over 100 fps. So you need the Vsync on and monitor set to no more then 100 refresh rate. Sorry not everyone got to read that post earlier. I did post it as soon as I found out what the problem was. I run my game locked at 75 fps so I didn't see the characters disappearing when I posted the driver. Truffle has posted on his site The Outlaws Hideout that there is a updated G.O.D driver over at Voodoo Files I tried this update driver but could not get it to work so I never posted it. If anyone does get it to work let me know the results and if they are good I will post the driver. They do have Sone"s Voodoo 3,4,5,drivers and Goats Voodoo 3 Driver for XP over there. You may want to try them out. Remember you can always get the D3D Update Driver and run it for Outlaws. It seams to work fine.

The Crow & CreepeR: LOL, Oh it has got pretty funny over at my Message Board These to guys are going at it head to head. Signing in and using each others names. lol. Hate to let the cat out of the bag but when you post to the board and the ip # doesn't match the name, I know it's not the real person. Oh yea the ones that have been from Pale they are not from Paleface . We both get a good laugh out of it in the emails we send to each other.

Hooter: Old Hooter has been updating over at OGB News and doing a real fine job. He has also been answering questions on the Message Board . Hooter will never be the same since he spent a night looking over the web cam watching TheOutlawDad build a old 233 computer. lol. Well I found the problem there Hoot, I took a magnifying glass and went over that board and at the edge of the board there was a small burn mark, that circuit ran the mouse. All is fixed and the computer is up and running fine. It was great to talk to you that night keep up the good work over at OGB Headquarters . Hope to talk to you again real soon.

Kid Macoo: The kid has done some new Map Reviews over at Macoo's Reviews also he has updated his main page at kid-macoo.com so go check out the old farts Outlaws site.

Prowler: Haven't heard from him but that's probably my fault. I just haven't been on enough to catch him on, but Outlaw Mike tells me Prowler is still alive and killing. Visit Prowlers site at K.O.D.

The Eye: He has left me messages and wants to know when I will be on to shoot. lol Oh I got a bullet for your ass. Let the Xmas killing begin.

Randy: Stopped over at my house and gave me a Xmas Gift. Real cool. We went shopping and ate lunch. Randy got to meet  the old Outlaw Killer Yah at the The Ville Restaurant & Bar

New Outlaws Maps

ctf2k1.zip By Truffle:  This is Truffle's new Xmas map. Very nice, He does good work. Everyone should check it out. This is his 3rd Christmas Map.

mappackv2.zip By Truffle: This is a collection of Xmas maps from different authors put together in a zip file by Truffle. The Sanchez Xmas Snowman by ShiftyTuco is also included.  You can also get it by it's self here Sanchez  It is the second Map Pack from Truffle. You can get the first Map Pack here mappackv1.zip   

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Map Reviews

Macoo's Reviews

Band News

Alter Ego: 12/22/2001 Virginia Lounge - Carrollton Ohio. (No Web Site)

American Grease: 12/22/2001 Vaugn's Pub - Bolivar Ohio. 12/31/2001 Yesterday's - Destin Florida. Web Site At - American Grease

Chris Bake Band: The band has quit playing at Chubb's Pub in Follansbee West Virginia. They are moving on. Looks like they will be in the studio working on the new CD. Good luck Chris, Send me a Mp3 soon. (No Web Site)

Great Pretenders: 12/21 & 22/2001 Mountaineer Park - Chester West Virginia. 12/31/2001 K of C Hall - Weirton West Virginia. (No Web Site)

Mansfield 5: 12/22/2001 Palace Inn - Monroeville Pennsylvania. 12/30/2001 Mountaineer Speakeasy -  Chester West Virginia. Visit this great variety bands Web Site At - mansfield5.com

State Of Mind: 12/21/2001 Eagles - Bridgeport Ohio. (No Web Site)

Moon PI: Still working in the studio. Seams old Moon just can't get them drum parts the way he wants. Send me a Mp3 Soon.

Legend, Silver Sky, WarKult - Have been removed from the site until they send in new dates.

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Restaurant Review

 Chee Cheez: Steubenville Ohio. Food was Hot I mean Hot. Let it cool before you take a bite. Food tasted good. Price is a little high for the portions you get. Service was ok, Waiter did not come around much had to ask for napkins, refills, etc. Seams to be clean. Gave me a bad case of the Runs when I got home. lol. Rating 5.0

Eat N' Park Weirton West Virginia. Food was good. Service was excellent. Lewis does a great job as a waiter, ask for him. Restrooms were clean.  Price is in line with other restaurants. They were out of Strawberries. lol. or were they? I don't think so. Next time I will have desert. Rating 7.0

  The Ville: Steubenville Ohio. Once again the food was great, The price is right, The waitress was fine and she new how to do her job also. lol. Restrooms are clean. Try it you will like it. The Ville is owned by The Outlaws Killer Yah & Justy James. So eating there does help out the Outlaws comunity.  Visit their site at The Ville Restaurant & Bar  Rating 10.0

Dad's California Raisins

Well TheOutlawDad has a nice collection of California Raisin characters. At this time he is missing the following characters. Click the links to see the characters dad needs. Ace , Mom , Lenny , Carrot If you have any of these characters and would just like to get rid of them or you would just like to help TheOutlawDad complete his collection. You can send them to Denny Music Po Box 274 Follansbee W V 26037

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to Denny Music  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee, WV 26037. Special Thanks this week to Randy for the Xmas gift, Angie for the fruit basket, and Mad Man for the $5.00 Remember sending in at least $5.00 will get your name here in the special thanks.

Banner Ads

Don't forget to check out the new Banner Ad Page. Something for everyone and I get paid for the clicks. So help TheOutlawDad get closer to being a millionaire.

Merry Christmas To All

Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past year. Keep those cards, letters, emails, maps, band dates, files, and money coming. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Long Live Outlaws.

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