Outlaws News

Outlaws News

Kid Macoo: The Kid ran games this week on the new ATT cable and they ran fine. The IP number is new but once you get it from the messenger it will stay the same. Thank God. Changing # with XP is a pain. Visit Kid-Macoo's Site

Truffle: Xmas Map pack to be released soon. Visit The Outlaws Hideout

New Outlaws Character

Snowman.zip By ShiftyTuco, Nice Snowman character for Xmas. Just unzip to Outlaws. You will see him when someone plays Sancheze, Also has great fist if you are playing the character. Visit Shifty's Site

Outlaws Maps

slrgun.zip By EL_Cobra1 Nice canyon map with pools of water. Has mod gun on #1.

XmasR.zip By Hooter Got to love the Xmas trees in side the house and that star in the sky. Great job Hooter.

Please send your new maps to dad@theoutlawdad.com

Remember all new maps are reviewed and rated at Kid-Macoo's Site

Banner Ads

Don't forget to check out the new Banner Ad Page. Something for everyone and I get paid for the clicks. So help TheOutlawDad get closer to being a millionaire.






Band News

Alter Ego: 12/22/2001 Virginia Lounge - Carrollton Ohio. (No Web Site)

American Grease: 12/22/2001 Vaugn's Pub - Bolivar Ohio. 12/31/2001 Yesterday's - Destin Florida. Web Site At american-grease.com

Chris Bake Band: 12/14/2001 Chubb's Pub - Follansbee West Virginia.

Great Pretenders: 12/14/2001 Carmen's - Weirton  West Virginia. 12/15/2001 Palace Inn - Monroeville Pennsylvania. 12/21 & 22/2001 Mountaineer Park - Chester West Virginia. 12/31/2001 K of C Hall - Weirton West Virginia. (No Web Site)

Mansfield 5: 12/15/2001 Embassy Suites Horse Feathers Lounge - Coraopolis Pennsylvania. 12/22/2001 Palace Inn - Monroeville Pennsylvania. 12/30/2001 Mountaineer Speakeasy -  Chester West Virginia. Web Site At- mansfield5.com

Legend: No dates sent in. (No Web Site)

Moon PI: Band still in the studio working on CD. Dates will be posted soon. (No Web Site)

Silver Sky: No Dates sent in. Web site at silverskyband.com

State of Mind: No dates sent in. (No Web Site)

Warkult: No Dates sent in. Web site at  Warkult

If you have a band and would like to see your dates posted on this site, please send your info to dad@theoutlawdad.com

Restaurant Review

The Ville: Steubenville Ohio. Food was excellent, Service is Excellent, Price is reasonable, Restrooms are clean. Try it you will like it. Check out their Web Site at The Ville Restaurant & Bar Rating 10.0

Dad's California Raisins

Well TheOutlawDad has a nice collection of California Raisin characters. At this time he is missing the following characters. Click the links to see the characters dad needs. http://theoutlawdad.com/ace3.jpg http://theoutlawdad.com/lenny.jpg http://theoutlawdad.com/mom.jpg  http://theoutlawdad.com/carrot.jpg

If you have any of these characters and would just like to get rid of them or you would just like to help TheOutlawDad complete his collection. You can send them to Denny Music Po Box 274 Follansbee W V 26037

Millionaire News

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 dollar to Denny Music  P. O.  Box 274  Follansbee, WV 26037. Special Thanks this week to Justy & Johnny for buying dinner at The Ville. It was great.

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