Outlaws News

Outlaws News

EL_Torro: has came out with his first map. It is called wrm_80 Map has a nice building in the center of a valley surrounded by caves on all sides of the building making game play very interesting. Get this fast action map from the maps page now. 

Prowler: has set up his own Outlaws site at http://kissofdeath.50megs.com The KOD gang will be killing everyone that gets in there way. Prowler says they are still taking new members. So if your looking to join a gang with a Shootest as the leader check them out.

Amis has a new site: Yes Amis who played Outlaws with us then moved on to HL, has put up his own site. The title page says they are  Outlaws Haters. This site is not a Outlaws site. When they say they hate Outlaws they mean it. Members of this gang have moved on to different games and are letting all of us know they hate the Outlaws Community. Check out there site at. http://www.geocities.com/halflife_vault

The Outlaw Abe: has been hosting in the zone: I went to the zone 5/3/2001,first time I been there in 2 months. Abe217 was Hosting,
So I join his game, He has been on the Yahoo pager(artie_123) (ABE in our games) and playing with us for 3 years, The first game ran ok,
A guy named Zach445 was killing real good, Id say he's a real good shot. He won! Then Abe hosted a second game,
(And then I remembered why I QUIT playing at the Zone). RULES RULES RULES. . Abe starts to tell us how you can't use the GAT, You can't use the 
Sawed Off, What next??? Well I think this SUX, and ABE is the guy that would not play with Kid Macoo and I unless he could use the Badge the Sawed Off.
Well Abe you better run your {} games at the ZONE because you will never be King playing with us.. Go make up the rules as you go you {}.
What ever happened to you being a real Outlaws Player?? I remember you telling me, Them guys in the Zone can't play Outlaws they just make up rules to win.
Well you {} you are now one of them. So run your {} games at the Zone. But if you come into a game from the Yahoo pager that I host or Kid Macoo or Randy or Prowler,
You better prepare to DIE YOU {} cause we will all have extra bullets for your ASS now. Also you made Prowlers day, He said you was a {}.
Well I have nothing against the guys who play at the Zone and use ML. Hell I even made a map called ZoneML for them to use for ctf games. But guys from our pager came to it to play because we had NO RULES, They were all just guys who love the game.
So if your at the Zone and you join someone's game follow the Host Rules, If you are from the pager and host there, remember where you came from and leave the Rules Out just KILL KILL KILL.

Outlaws Maps

NakedCty is still getting downloaded. Kid Macoo & I are glade you all like it. Yes I have been working on the sequel so be prepared for more crazy nude bodies and nutty guns.

El_Torro is making maps now his first map wrm_80 is really cool. So get it from the map page today.

No news from Kid Macoo or Prowler on any new maps they are working on, but I'm sure they will have some soon.


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Band News

The Roadwork Band :  Will be performing at the Ville in Steubenville Ohio on 5/11/2001 and at the East Liverpool Motor Lodge in East Liverpool Ohio on 5/12/2001. Don't miss the screaming high vocals of super rock star Mark Fristick

Chris Bake and The Boys Down the Street : Will be rocking Chubb's Pub in Follansbee W V on 5/11/2001. Yes the legendary rock star is still going strong. This week Special Guest will be Paul Shaffer, and the Teen Idol Jeff Bake. World Renowned Drummer Jerry Dezon may also make the show. Don't miss it.

State of Mind : Live CD is out get your copy now from the band or in your local record store. All songs from the CD can be found on Napster. The band has said if you want to take the time to download them you can have them for free. So go get them now.

Starburst Band : May be looking for a new guitarist. Rock guitarist Tim Fare may be leaving due to job related issues. So if your good enough and want to audition contact the band at http://www.starburstband.com

World News

Do you get your fill of BUSH? If not watch Comedy Centrals new show That's My Bush.

Hardees of Steubenville Ohio :Has Allan Skinner who has become a world famous biscuit maker. Yes Allan has even made the NBC News show. Allan says no other biscuits can compare to his, so go try a Hardees biscuit today.

Allan Skinner Biscuit King.

Millionaires News

I'am a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. So Please send $1 to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund and help TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire.

Don't forget to send that 1 Dollar to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund at Dennymusic PO BOX 274 Follansbee W V 26037. Read about it on the News Page













Don't forget to send that 1 Dollar to the Aspiring Millionaires Fund at Dennymusic PO BOX 274 Follansbee W V 26037. Read about it on the News Page

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