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TheOutlawDad: Playing in the S.O.B. band, building websites, and still trying to become a self made millionaire. 10/01/2005 I posted a new counter made by Truffle which keeps track of the funds still needed to make me a millionaire. You can check out the counter here. Only you can make my dream come true.

Truffle: He's been working on his site olhideout.net He has added DMH maps and Outlaws maps to his site with nice menu's for finding the maps.

Kid_Macoo: He's been playing the game Devastation and loosing money at cards. His site is still kid_macoo.com

Dr_Gonzo: Still playing in the band and building websites. You can download the bands hit song here, and don't forget to check out there website 350south.com

The Reverend: He's on tour with the Vogues

GoJo: He hasn't posted on the board in a long time but his site is still here.

Molycoat: Still alive and well, I see he does real well at Crossword puzzles. lol

Hooter: Haven't seen him on the pager but I know he's doing ok, from the emails I get from him. You can visit Hooters site here.

Dog_Holliday:  Well Dog hasn't sent me a map for a long time. I think he's over due.

The Eye: Believe it or not he showed up at a club where my band was playing. He said he's spending time with his grandchildren and he would love to get into a game of Outlaws.

Prowler: Haven't seen or heard from him in months. Guess I'm missing my late night buddy. Crazy Ace told me Prowler is still alive and doing well but that he is working all the time.

Justy James: Loosing money with Macoo playing cards and he is also playing Devastation.

ShiftyTuco: I haven't seen him on the pager in a long time.

Tontoe: He has a new version of the Outlaws Mod for Half Life Out. It's pretty nice. Everyone should load it and try it out. You can check out Tontoe's site and get the mod here.

Easy_Target: Haven't seen him on in a long time. Man I miss all them late night BS sessions we had.

Randy: Still playing games and running servers for games under the name TheVoodooDad. We still go out to eat at least once a week.

Amis: He's still coming on the pager, mostly from work. He says he's ready to start playing in a band again. He also said if he could get the game Devastation he would be shooting old Macoo right in the ass. lol.

BT_Outlaw: I see him a lot in games I play. He's deadly and wins a lot. He's also playing flute in the school band. Way to go BT, I think you'll make a great musician.

Well any body else if I missed you I'm sorry, but I just haven't heard from you. If you were ever a Outlaw, send me a email so we all know what has become of you. Remember you can always post at the web board .

If you have a ?
you would like answered email it to me.


Millionaire News
Funds Still Needed

I'm a Aspiring Millionaire. I need funds to reach my goals. Donations, or $1 sent to the TheOutlawDad's Aspiring Millionaires Fund, helps TheOutlawDad become a Millionaire. Send $1 to Aspiring Millionaires Fund  P. O. Box 274  Follansbee, WV 26037

Restaurant Reviews

Main St. Weirton WV

I went to this restaurant with three other people. Three meals out of the four were just poor. Cold food, under cooked, and runny sauce. Food tasted good, but cold. The waitress was very unfriendly and stuck on herself. Restrooms dirty. Prices are normal for the area. A good waitress, hot food, and a cleaning would fix this place right up. The bad part about this is I'll be eating there again this week, so they will get a second chance. lol.
Rating - 4.0

Game Maps

On the next news page, which I will post 11/7/2005 I will post all the maps I get from now to then on this page just like I use to do. I will also post them at the board as soon as they come in.

 The maps that will be posted will be for XIII, Postal 2, Dead Mans Hand, and Outlaws.

 If you would like to have all the custom maps for Devastation just email me and I will figure out a way to get you the custom maps which is about 375 megs zipped. I also have all the custom maps for Blood 2.

 For now, you can get all the custom maps for XIII  here. I do not know of any site that has more XIII maps then mine.

 You can get all the custom maps for Dead Mans Hand here. Again you will not find a site on the internet with more maps for Dead Man's Hand.

 You can get all the custom maps for Outlaws here. It is the largest Outlaws map site.

 You can get custom maps for Postal 2 here. My Postal 2 map site is not the largest. I have every Postal 2 custom map made but I have not had time to get them all posted.

To get your maps posted just send them here.


1. Do you get mad when people say you don't have the largest Outlaws site?
Answer: Hell yes, Just go here and walk threw it page by page, file by file, map by map. If you can't see it's the largest your blind.

2. Is it hard juggling four game sites?
Answer: Hell yes, I upload maps and post them to every site as soon as I get them. I wouldn't have it any other way.

3. Do the site take up a lot of server space and bandwidth, and who pays for it.
Answer: The sites take up over 900 megs of server space. The main TheOutlawDad site uses 11 gigs of bandwidth a month. The files from the other 3 sites use about 12 gigs a month. As for who pays for all this, I do right out of my pocket. The only funds I get to help with the cost is if someone makes a donation, or clicks a ad, or sends in a dollar. I'm selling nothing on any of the sites to support them. Everything is free for download. I use to sell the Outlaws game, that helped with the cost but it has been discontinued and is out of print.

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